Retirees Club


Local 777 would like to Congratulate our Recently Retired Members



Roger Barthelet

Thomas Buckland

Richard Filakovsky

Robert Fox

Steven Wynkoop

Stephen Clark

Frank Coby

Richard Lockwood

Charles Smith

Peter Southwick

Philip Perrotti

Daniel Timmons

Louis Vecchitto

William Marotto

Dean Barber

George Church

Thomas Tracy

Jay Landry

David Ragaini

Joseph Zullo

Ronald Lindquist

Peter Lukas

John Opalenik

David Galko

Frank Hoffman

Steven Kovach


Mark Erhardt

Forrest Hartson

Michael Mailhot

Timothy Smith

William Lukaniec

Michael Artiaco

Michael Carducci

Michael Delmastro

Kirk Menzano


Louis Bailey

Rodger Smith

Paul Serra

Jose Soto

John Ceraldi

Peter Lessor

Steven Benz

William Coney

Paul Jean

Robert Dillon

Jerry Gonsalves

Richard Iannicelli

Charles Rozik

Dominic Spinelli

Alvin Spears

Robert Hooks

Michael Ballou

Thomas Cassidy

Jeffrey Moore

Joseph Bryk

Thomas Fox

Krista Fucci-Boss

Thomas Clark

William Goard

Christopher Hils

Mark Rieder

John Rochette

Gerald Gonsalves

Richard Iannicelli



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Retirees Club News

2018 Retiree Meeting Schedule
Mon, Apr 2, 2018

Retirees Club Membership Invitation
Tue, Mar 29, 2016

Retired Brother Hal Ljongquist Reaches Milestones
Tue, Sep 15, 2015

Brother Ljongquist has reached two Milestones helping Disabled Veterans. Hal has reached 18,000 volunteer hours and has driven 25,000 miles for The Disabled Veterans Trans Network.

Local 777 thanks him for his efforts.

Retirees Club Events

There are currently no scheduled events.